I really wish valve would crack down on Overwolfs “Dotaplus” app

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I want to be able to expose my public match data again, I really do. I miss analysing my matches on Dotabuff and being able to compare (and engage in some humble bragging) my win rates on certain heroes with my friends.

The thing is – I also want to win games. I want to be able to play Dark seer without it being banned every other game and not have to face oracle/crystal maiden in the games that it isn't banned every. Single. Game. But i can't because everyone and their grandma uses Dotaplus these days. And I won't lie and high horse it – I use it too because as i said earlier, i want to win. But that doesn't mean that the second it gets banned (one can hope) I won't be cheering like a wild monkey because the playing field will finally be evened and I won't be forced to use Dotaplus because if I don't i'm losing an edge that probably upwards of 80% of other players exploit.

The other day I got matched with a midlaner who spammed Arc Warden and Lycanthrope and had an above 70% win rate with both of them and they both got banned immediately, when i asked him why he doesn't hide his match data and use Dotaplus he told me that he didn't wanna contribute to the system that makes him unable to play the heroes that he wants to play. If you're reading this then hats off to you sir, if everyone was like you apps like Dotaplus would never have taken off from the first place, but they do because it's a competitive game and it's in human nature to exploit advantages like these if we are able to.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my ted talk rant. This most certainly will not accomplish anything but the least I can do is try because I believe this is one of the many things that contribute to driving new players away from Dota.

If anyone has any arguments for Dotaplus that I failed to bring up in my wall of text I'd be happy to have a discussion in the comments with you

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