I simulated 3000 games of Among Us to improve Imposter selection

This is a short video about ways Imposter selection could be improved.

I know the devs have already spoken out against chance-tracking, as they call it, but I think it can be added in a way that both minimizes meta gaming and improves the experience for most players.

Watch it here:



  • Use weighted tables to calculate imposter chance (avoiding 30+ crewmate streaks)
  • Don't reduce chance too far when they get imposter (allowing for imposter streaks to still be common and reducing meta-gaming)
  • Promote good gameplay with bonus chance (finishing tasks, sticking till end of match, etc)
  • Discourage bad gameplay (reduce chance for quitting while alive)
  • Modify chance with difficult to quantify variables to make it harder to predict (being killed early, routinely not being voted for)
  • Spread the code out to throw people off (tie chance to maps rather than just player account)
  • Add player control to further skew the algorithm (prefer crewmate option, or an Imposter Chance boost that resets every 12-24 hours)

What do you think? Would this be good for the game or do you think the devs are right to keep to true-randomness? Would you incorporate this sort of system into your own game if you made one?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jsemgc/i_simulated_3000_games_of_among_us_to_improve/

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