I spent $50 in this game and i can’t progress

So i was looking for a new game to play because i'm tired of warzone and csgo.

suddenly, youtube started recommending videos of Escape from tarkov, and i hyped so much.

In CSGO i reached global, level 10 faceit and 20 in gamersclub.
In COD i currently have 3.63 KD.
In LOL i reached master in season 5.

As you can see, i have gained a lot of gamesense. Of course i've played more games.

But this game… I can't get it.

  • If you join a match, you need to KNOW the map perfectly and the extraction areas depending if you are PMC or SCAV. You don't have a radar or a map, u have nothing. This is really hard for new players.
  • You don't know the recoil of the guns and there is no place to practice them.
  • The SCAV bots have incredible aim.
  • You need to remember all the item prices to know what to loot.
  • Every ~6 months the game wipes ?!?!?!

This game is so tryhard and i don't have too much time to play it. Including that i can effort so much, and the game will wipe anyways. I've made a mistake buying it and there is no refund.

Any ideas what i should do? I mean, i want to progress, but i don't really know what to do. My hype is gone.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qayavj/i_spent_50_in_this_game_and_i_cant_progress/

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