I think a lot of people miss the reason why OG/Alliance nfts are scams.

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On the recent drama posts I read a lot of discussions about NFTs. Some think they are scams some do not. Some people call it scam because it just gives you an url of a picture and some bragging rights that you own some art piece but actually anyone else can download or copy it as they want. Personally I dont think this kind of this is worth any money but if some people do they can spend their money as they like and It doesnt look scummy that much.

Not the 100% same thing but it is similar to real art pieces. There is this original piece of art and thousands of its copies. Someone can decide to dump a lot of money to buy the original one while there are bunch of cheap and same looking copies.

Now the reason I really think these NFTs are scams is orgs/companies are artificially inflating price of them. For example this one. 150$ per box, total of 3336 boxes = 500.000 dolars spent. If you check the tweet you can see it has 160ish likes 25ish retweets. And if you check some of these likes or supportive comments you can see that accounts are all fake, they follow bunch of nft crypto stuff, some of them dont even follow OG or anything Dota related. Some example accounts. Some comments also said that all of the boxes were sold out in second. It is just impossible. If there were that much demand for this shit the tweets would have a loot more non-bot interaction. They just create the illusion that there is a lot demand for these boxes while in reality they just artificially change the numbers and show it as being sold.

Another case, they promote giving away 50k$ worth NFT in this tweet. How do we know the worth of the NFT, you may ask.

Market Research

Artificial value given to something given free (it will have other copies being sold but shh). Nothing wrong here.

Some parts of my argument is taken from this video. Also I recommend watchin it because it says a lot about starting of the discussion of scam/nft drama.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/oqzsbi/i_think_a_lot_of_people_miss_the_reason_why/

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