I think I’m done. Anyone else?

As the title states.

Day 1 player. 1,278 days logged in. About to get my Collection Book to 500. PL 135. 7k missions completed, between 3 accounts. Every event completed, except for the Flawless Hit the Road (that one seemed pointless & unnecessary, to me; kudos to anyone with the completion, though).

I have little desire to play this game. Chasing a number (PL) & gently increasing my stats, with Ventures. Ehh.

I've sunk a bunch of money into this game over the years – Llamas, Skins & various 'packs'. Hoping to support a game, that has captured my attention for going on 4 years.

I've met some #$%&heads along the way. But have, definitely, met more cool people.

To the older, Epic staff that made this game what it is (if by some small chance, you see this) … Thank You.

I'm not mad. I got almost 4 years of entertainment out of your product. I've definitely gotten my money's worth. Seriously, thank you.

I am a little disgusted, though. Not just with this game, but all new games. This trend of treating Skins/Cosmetics as Content ??? It's deplorable.

The nerfs. Why can't we have fun?!? Why is everything nerfed, that the majority of the playerbase … enjoy using?!? Nerfing the player & their strategies/tools, while overly buffing the enemy … is such a cheap mechanic, meant to keep us busy. And I'm not just talking about Jail/Stall nerfs. Everything that has been needed in +3 years. I'm calling it now, Tire Trap nerf/re-work in 6 months (to a year). You see people spamming them now, it'll be everywhere once the next round of nerfs happen.

I've been playing older titles on my Xbox (that I never got around to playing) and it's night & day. How are these older titles more polished & bug-free?!? Aren't products supposed to improve, over time?!?

I digress. Another alarming trend, StW Content Creators. They're all: Scammer get Scammed, Trade Shops or Sherpas. That's very problematic & alarming, for the state of the game.

As for Content, I can't be mad at you guys. It was made pretty clear, that StW Content was being throttled back.

Best of luck everyone. Stay safe.


1) Epic, thank you for grabbing my attention (for going on 4 years).

2) The direction that Gaming has gone in, is alarming. i.e. Skins/Cosmetics = Content??? And the nerfs.

3) StW Content Creators are a glimpse of the current ideology/state of this game.

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