I think I’ve decided to fly FA always off

I understand why FA is important, and how it even fits into the lore. Of course we'd invent a way to make piloting a space ship relatively easy, and it makes the game SO much more accessible.

But I think FA off fits my play style. FA feels like Air Arcade Battles in War Thunder, and I only play Simulator Battles. FA off and Air Arcade both feel robotic, with all turns being fast and tight, rather than the smooth transitions you get with full control over your plane or spaceship. I also play Assetto Corsa and other sim racing titles, not Forza Motorsport. All my other vehicle titles involve me learning a realistic flight or driving model, so I want Elite Dangerous to provide the same challenge.

I feel like it's a matter of preference similar to driving automatic, or manual transmission. Automatic is the most popular choice, and there's less of a learning curve. But a manual, when you know how to drive it, gives you more control, and just makes everything more fun.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/pb8m8i/i_think_ive_decided_to_fly_fa_always_off/

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