I think that Tarkov has huge potential in the next 2 years.

As we all know Tarkov has had a large amount of players stop playing it this wipe because of the fact that no new content is being added into the game but I think that in the next 2 years tarkov will in size a lot. Here is my reasoning
1. Other new FPS games like the new Battlefield and Vanguard are really bad compared to even their predecessors and I think eventually the people who would usually play them will search for another FPS game and some of them might start playing Tarkov.
2. It looks like the next year will be pact with new content. Next major update will bring Lighthouse, Voip, and Inertia and the major update after that will bring Streets of tarkov, mabye PMC karma, and other items that we probably don't know of yet. Eventually Arena, offline with friends, and the wipe and no wipe servers will be realesd. These updates will make people be more enthusiastic about the game and make players coming from other FPS games more likely to stay in Tarkov.
3. Tarkov is nearing it's realese.
4. I think a lot of bugs will likely be fixed before realese which will make Tarkov seem a lot more polished.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qu9dob/i_think_that_tarkov_has_huge_potential_in_the/

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