I think what this game really needs is a competitor.

I really believe what Tarkov needs is another hardcore survival looter-shooter game on the same level. Just like DOTA got League of Legends, just like Fortnite got Apex, and just like Battlefield got Call of Duty… because it's impossible to create something that EVERYONE will enjoy equally, and having a choice to pick what you prefer always helps.

Why am I saying this? Because there's a lot of negativity around lately. I see a lot of people wanting radical changes that make the game more accessible for new players, and I think that's now what Tarkov tried to do here.

EFT is hardcore, you will die, and people are praising all the arcade features. I can foresee the flood gates opening the day inertia is applied to the game and people can no longer wiggle peek like they were playing Unreal Tournament, or run from side to side like Flash, or do instant 180 turns and run back when they take a shot.

Just think what would happen if there was a second game where all these changes were added and people could actually see the difference between true Tarkov, and the game they idealized in their minds?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ps5gwc/i_think_what_this_game_really_needs_is_a/

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