I tried SK Warriors again…

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And I just got completely obliterated by NR over and over again. Their removal and ability to keep said removal alive has just completely powercrept SK Warriors. It feels so weird that the engine-based faction has converted said engines into damage and now offer better removal than the game's previous best.

Power creep is rampant and it's creating huge imbalances, making previously playable decks unplayable. It feels so weird to me that Warriors are no longer playable. Their progression also felt weird, looking at the last year and a half:

Second Wind -> Arnjolf -> Rage -> Arnjolf -> Ursine Ritual -> Blaze of Glory -> Dead & gone from the meta

I'm just using Warriors as one example here. At best, Second Wind and Patricidal Fury were viable at the same time, but otherwise, we hardly ever see two competing leader abilities being viable. I feel like this is a problem with Gwent. Open to hear your opinions.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/orzhvd/i_tried_sk_warriors_again/

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