I used devcommands to cheat and I don’t feel bad.

Bones + Beech seeds = Chance of Birch Tree?

I had sailed to the Moder alter which took over an hour of sailing to arrive. Her alter is just a couple minutes away from map's edge with a massive continent of land to sail around. I love sailing in this game, so it was no big deal. It's fun!
I arrived at the base of the mountain and set up a simple base with portal. I portaled back home, slept, ate some food, and the next morning destroyed the portal to begin my hike up the mountain.
I cleared out the drakes and wolves, popped down a workbench, and began digging under a large rock for shelter.
I placed some roofing, moved my workbench inside, set a fire, placed a couple planks down for the portal…and a 2 star wolf 2 shots me.I am wearing quality 4 silver, and I got blindsided and 2 shot by a 2 star wolf. I have never even seen a 2 star wolf before this.
There was no way back, other than several in game hours of material gathering and sailing again. Sure I love to sail, but the magic is dead if you have to do it again.
So I flew back, gathered my stuff, the wolf was gone. I placed my portal and ate peacefully in my massive stone house back at main camp.
I cheated, and I don't feel bad. I would have felt much worse if I had to repeat that boat trip. Just the thought of simply gathering some fine wood made me salty.
I would have rage quit the game, but instead I'm still loving it. The magic hasn't died, by far still my favorite game I have ever played.
I'll be better prepared next time.

Edit: Too much minecraft
Edit: That's Momma Moder to you, Mario

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