I want a new ship class option…

SO – I love exploring and I love mining. I can only really effectively equip for ONE of those tasks at once.

I want there to be like a "Mini-Carrier" which will allow me to take 2 or 4 ships with me on a journey – say a mining Python, an exploring/materials gathering Cobra III, a fighting FDL etc. At the moment I am out in the black with my exploring/mat gathering 'Conda and I'm passing SO MANY ringed planets with rich hotspots I can't do anything with.

Mini carrier proposed spec:

100? 150?LY jump range.
good built-in shielding and hull strength
Good automatic defensive weaponry
2-4 ship capacity (2 Large, 2 medium?)
No meaningful speed or manouvering capability – just supercruise to planets and can land on "Large" platforms planetside (no station access)
Fuelled with standard ship fuel
NO independent cargo capacity or equipabble mounting points; NO access to engineers.
Flies like a ship, NOT a Fleet Carrier.
Automatic recall capability to come to where you are in space within 300LY so you can explore and then call the ship to you – similar to an SRV "Recall Ship" on a larger scale.

Can you think of anything else? Is this a terrible idea?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/qka0p0/i_want_a_new_ship_class_option/

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