I want to bask in my glory

How to build a large and tall house in Valheim

My husband, the experienced life long gamer, went off exploring a few days ago and we had multiple nights of corpse runs to the point we remade or stuff and more it less gave up.

I was home sick yesterday and talked the 5 year old into helping me watch for enemies while I tried one last ditch effort to get our corpses back from the plains.

2 boats, 4 Island hops, 4 portals, 2 armor changes per run… And a grand total of 22 runs into the edge of a fucking village filled with our corpses… Everything was recovered.

I was finally able to sneak to the edge in troll armor, grab a few items off a corpse, trade back to my regular armor, run back to my boat, boat back to my little safe Island, portal home, and do that all over again.

Took almost 4 hours. But, I've been gaming less than a year and most of the time still feel like a newb.

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