I want to get back into the game: Give me some goals I should try to achieve

Haven't played for years, got Odyssey in the last sale. I got an exploration Asp, a multi role Python (kinda engineered), an Anaconda that is mostly unupgraded and a Krait mk2 I think (haven't logged in yet). From what I understand Odyssey added some more mission types and stuff to do on planets, plus there's Thargoids which I never bothered with. But I also understand that one still needs to set his own goals and targets.

And while I like to fly around, explore a bit outside the bubble (few hundred to maybe a 1000 ly out), blow stuff up in asteroid rings and such, I'm pretty bad at setting up some goals for myself.

So I'm asking you: what should I aim for? Any idea is appreciated. Try and get stuff for engineering? Trade
Get rich? Shoot pirates? Give me a target and ideally some (convoluted) way to go about achieving it. Blow up pirates is fun. Blow up 120 pirates while assisting democratic factions within 300 lys of system xy via missions is more fun. Any "quest ideas"?

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