I want to improve my PvP skills. Is spawn and map knowledge the way? What took you to the next level?

After I hit level 30 I pretty much only play for PvP. Jager’s quests are so fucking dumb I can’t bare it and by then I don’t really care to play maps I hate just to plant wifi cameras for Skier.

My only option left is to play for PvP, which I love. I’m not very good at the game, but know a few maps extremely well. I mainly run Customs. All my success around PvP is the early game pushing/baiting spawns. Does that make me an asshole, or just shitty at the game?

Spawn by bridge on Big Red side? Camp that and wait 2 mins for guys to run across by RUAF roadblock from Big Red. Spawn Sniper Road Block? Push chain gun overlooking bridge and take out anyone pushing that or coming from meth lab. Spawn factory far corner? Push the warehouse overlooking military checkpoint and shoot people overlooking new gas through the glass block window.

Once I have the spawns down, then is it just about map flow and knowing the high value loot areas? Do I simply set myself up to kill PMCs coming or going from these areas?

I’d love to hear any tips or tricks that has improved your PvP game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/srrd3c/i_want_to_improve_my_pvp_skills_is_spawn_and_map/

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