I want to know your opinion or point of view, please

hello I want to know your point of opinion on this. I am Mexican and I do not handle English well, this will give some context to what happened. I recently entered a STW game in which a user called SmileOrange entered, the mission that we were carrying out was: Recover the data, at the beginning by voice chat I said in Spanish "" (hi, friends) in which he only He started to laugh while he laughed he let out a wtf I don't know what he meant because he spoke in Spanish or if he understood what I said, well, he was building an AFK base to carry out the mission to me personally, it does not bother me That they do it but for most of the players in the public games that I have entered if because sometimes they have missions to kill with traps or a certain weapon that was my case I had to do 300 kills with a constructor and whoever did that to me I was prevented from doing it, as I do not handle English well, I used the translator to communicate with him to explain to him that he had to do the mission and that if he could do it in a private one so as not to disturb the other possible players who were busy doing those missions to which the continuous Laughing at me and through the chat he wrote "monkey" and his comment was not appropriate to which I did not agree to offend him or say anything else and proceeded to edit 4 walls around the mission so that its base was destroyed AFK in which he had nothing more built than material, he took a very childish attitude and proceeded to start the mission and sabotage it so that he would get lost when he saw that the zombies were approaching, he tried to build like a pyramid atlas and set traps but he did not It gave time and when I saw that the mission was going to be lost, I decided to leave without taking any more importance, then I decided to look for the same mission because I also had a 140+ storm chest mission and due to fate I re-entered the same game I decided the same Do not take importance and farm in what the mission began as soon as it reached the area where it would land, he was again sabotaging the mission by putting player launchers of those orange color, the rest of the team arrived and began to ay Help to destroy that to build well and they decided to make the same AFK base to make it fast and I agreed because they did not say anything bad etc for me all right to this when I saw him placing the aforementioned traps I continued with a childish attitude to which I proceeded to say "you're going to continue crying" to which I comment that I report with a video that he destroyed his afk base which I think that epic does not take good for us to do the missions like this and that we make it correct, correct me if I am wrong, to which I just said ok and I said sarcastically "no please" and then I told him that I was joking, I wrote in the wrong way, apparently I'm farming so that he would see that I didn't care that he was building to sabotage the mission in which he made fun of it and I think I confirm that I don't speak English well. Or that he was from a Spanish-speaking country and again my name is "monkey", "monkey go eat bananas" and "retarded". I told him that is an inappropriate comment and he only excused himself that it was not, and I told him so much sabotage , as offensive comments can be reported in order to leave the evidence I only have those of the second game because at that time it did not occur to me to record or take a photo of the first, I want to know your opinion or point of view please PS: I could not report it I had to restart fortnite due to an error and it no longer appears in recent players to report it





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