I want to revisit this topic. Why does BR get fishing mechanics, animals, and NPCs you fight/talk to, but none of that can’t be added to StW, even though it overall makes more sense in a PvE environment?

After the addition of fishing and later on NPCs and animals into BR, I still find it strange that the PvP side of Fortnite is getting stuff that you'd find more often in PvE style games.

Like imagine if StW had fishing, where you can use fish as a source of materials like bones and meat, in which the meat can be used for healing/taming and bones can be used for a new weapon set. Or maybe if in StW, you had like a little base for yourself, where you could turn fish caught into little trophies on the wall or in a fishbowl in the background like your weapons behind Clip.

Imagine animals in the game, where you could tame them with meat or another method and make them fight with you. Heck, make companions a thing. Once tamed, make it possible to keep the 'animal' permanently. And make these companions special for StW. Tame and fight with a mutated husk dog that bites husks or a weird mutated husk that spits acid onto enemy husks or something. Maybe make the companions upgradable in terms of armor, speed, damage, etc. The possibilities are endless..

And NPC's, which we have at Homebase but not in an actual lobby game. Make NPC's give you quests for that mission only. Like maybe if we load into a Industrial Zone, you can find Lok as an NPC. Talking to him will give you a random quest, like maybe kill 4 smashers or get 100 kills with wall traps. The reward received depends on how hard the mission is and what zone you are in. So if I kill 4 smashers, I could get 7 mechanical parts and maybe some nuts and bolts if I'm in Twine Peaks as an example.

I know that StW doesn't make much money for Epic, but I don't know how something that already exists can't be ported into StW and slightly reworked for it to fit StW's theme. Overall, it will make missions more unique and feel more lively.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/noujck/i_want_to_revisit_this_topic_why_does_br_get/

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