I want to slow down how much I play StW but have the FOMO if anything new comes in the future (even if it’s just a small new hero or new weapon). Is it honestly worth it to stay around and play the game that much anymore after the state of development post?

(for anyone who doesn't know what FOMO is, it's the Fear of Missing Out.)

For some context, I bought the StW a few days before C1S6 when it went on sale. At the time I only played the other mode (if I say the name of the mode my post gets put on hold) until I got the game and for about a month after buying StW, I didn't really playing it much until Frostnite 2018. This is when I really got into the game and starting spending half my time playing StW and the other half the other mode. I remember when the Spectral Blade first came out and when I first played Frostnite, even though I was power level ~50ish at the time. Since then, I played both modes a good amount and actually liked the StW got content regularly.

I remember Canny Valley Act 3 coming out and the grind to get the SK pin (which I did manage to get). I was still in love with the game, thinking it would never end. The Hero System Rework, Hit the Road, Dungeons, MSK, the locker, I experienced a lot of these changes and it made me wonder what the next big thing was going to be for StW. I already had many things completed in game by then, such as having all SSD's completed, achieving Power level 131, and had about 90% of all weapons and heroes in the game (including the MSK weapons and event weapons). Note that during this time I played both modes regularly, though I started playing the other mode more since StW went on a little content drought.

And then of course came the State of Development post. I was honestly disappointed but not surprised. Seeing the massive success the other mode got, the only thing the higher up at Epics can do is give StW a better development team, or let it slowly die in the back. When I read the post, I knew that sooner or later, I was most likely going to stop playing StW.

For what occurred after the state of development post, the amount of time I allocated to between both modes went from about 50%/50% to about 10% StW and 90% the other mode. While I did complete Ventures season 1 & 2, I knew since season 3 that the grind would be the same and that it wasn't worth it. So I stopped caring about ventures completely. As of me writing this, I have every hero in the game, and every weapon in the game, and every cosmetic for StW (excluding the new starter packs). The only things I have missing are all Endurance banners which I never had a interested in since it's very laggy and the reward doesn't feel worth it (banners are cool, but that's about it), and some of the challenge banners, but grinding for them could take many months of repetitive gameplay. Other than that, I don't see a bright future for this mode anymore unless they take change. Which means that my time with StW is almost up.

But there is an issue… I am a collector. I always wanted to make sure I have all new heroes and weapons for this game ever since I got a lot of gold from the conversion of them back in season 8. But ever since Red Willow and Major Oswald, nothing new has come out. That was practically the last thing I would do in StW other than farming V-bucks for the past few months since nothing new has been out. The FOMO has always gotten to me while playing StW, so I tend to grab everything new that's possible. But after the State of Development, I don't even feel like it's worth it anymore. 1 new hero or weapon isn't content, and barely makes a difference. And that's where this post comes in.

I know that I am not forced to play StW, but the FOMO just gets to me sometimes. So my question is that should I just leave StW until it gets actual content (which probably won't occur)? The only thing I do in StW now is farm all V-bucks missions and daily missions which I will never stop doing since I practically only play the other mode at this point and buy stuff in the item shop. But when it comes to actually playing the game for fun, should I just give up? I have an almost completed account and I see no fun in playing it much anymore unless it gets meaningful content, which might never happen again. A new hero or weapon isn't going to change my mind. What should I do?

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