I wanted to apologise for my sister and her actions.

Tonight I was playing on the European server with my sister. ‘Not max’ who was pink saw my sister vent and called it. The issue is that someone else who was red said it was black. So majority of people voted black and the person says “jk it’s not black lol” which means black goes. Then meetings gets called and my sister says she has scan so majority skips.

As my sister was getting to scan purple called meeting. Pink was calling everyone an idiot and told my sister to kill herself. My sister ended up being imposter and killed pink. Then my sister was voted off.

Pink gets into lobby and says that his brother was playing but I kicked them anyway. My sister has BPD and is suicidal so I’m not putting up with someone telling her to kill herself.

A different pink joined and my sister thought it was the pink from before. She she was mean to them which cause the whole lobby to get toxic. My mom and I told her multiple times it’s not the same pink but she doesn’t listen.

So I came here in hopes that pink sees this and knows I’m sorry. I’m pretty sure their name was dream. Or at the very least someone named dream was in the lobby.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jrwauw/i_wanted_to_apologise_for_my_sister_and_her/

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