I wish the various groups in ST had more synergy consistency

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I'm not talking about tags per se but the in-universe lore groups. As of now, dwarves are fine but most dwarves fit into their armor archetype. Same with most Dryads that either have a harmony or symbiosis/nature archetype.

I'm more concerned with the various elf groups. Ideally, a player should tell what type of archetype/effect of a card from either the artwork or the name imo.

In a perfect world, I want enough cards so that Dol Blathana, Vrihedd Brigade, Blue Mountain, and normal Scioatel cards each had their own specific archetype.

Like, just for example, Scioatel would be Trap, Dol Blathana cards would specialize in damage/removal, Vrihedd for movement, Blue Mountain for Spellatel, etc. As of now, these archetypes just feel randomly fumbled around the deck without much artistic/lore rhyme or reason.

Anyone else feel this way or am I crazy for wanting this?

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