I’d like to know the opinion of OGs and “old” players who know the game since the competency tree (I have myself 894 days)

Hi gamers who wanted to save the world,

If you're a new player I suggest you don't read this, the game is still fun for beginners and it might spoil you.It doesn't concern you much except if you intend on spending a lot of time on this game.

OGs, we all know for a fact since the game is out of beta that there won't be any further develpment in the game's story. No other zone (besides the seasonal ones and ventures but these aren't zones), no huge boss like the Storm King. The story is simple as for many games : you do the same missions and the same quests over and over, difficulty increases, as you gain power you upgrade your heroes and when you're strong enough you first have a little taste of the final boss (it's still unclear if this storm king was the big boss' little brother, his sister or his son…), then the mission and the quests go on and you have access to the final stage/area where you do the same quests over and over but harder and harder, until you gain access to the final boss, much stronger and pissed off than his little brother.You beat him and yeahhhhh you saved the world. THE END.

So, much of the STW development crew is reassigned to the BR crew, bugs and glitches appear and it takes a huge while until they are dealt with.They give us a few candies such as the heroes and weapons vouchers, the core re-perk, the superchargers for heroes survivors weapons and traps.One new hero that isn't a reskin (red willow).They change a heroe's perk, but a little while later the game is beginning to develop a few late life syndroms such as Mythic survivors face disappearing, a trap not working as it should.

Am I the only one to think that epic's strategy is to give the impression that they are still working on the game but let bugs cripple the game until everyone ,except a few players, go back to BR or another game so they can get rid of this game quietly ? Or am I simply delusional and/or pessimistic ?

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