Idea: evidence system

The player would be able to press a new button in game to take a screenshot. They would be able to do this also while looking at information , like admin and vitals. Every capture would take 1 block in storage on the players tablet, and upon taking a picture you would have two options to click at the side of the screen, both taking an extra block of space. I’ll get on to that later. When a meeting is called, the player would have a clip icon next to the chat box that allows them to present this evidence, however the amount that can be presented is limited. That’s the concept, let’s get to specifics.

  1. What are blocks?

Blocks are a unit of storage on the players tablet. By default, they have 4 blocks to work with. A picture would take up 1 block, however, every extra added to it would make it cost one more (Again, more on that later). The player can access a menu like the map but for evidence, and can delete evidence as they so choose to make space. One last thing to note, although not too relevant to blocks, is that evidence disappears after 3 minutes by default.

  1. What are these “extras”?

When the gallery is opened, an image will have two checkboxes below it, and once checked, cannot be unchecked. The first check is for status. This adds white text to the bottom left of the image showing the location of the screenshot, and roughly how long ago it was taken. The second check is to prevent evidence from disappearing. Both of these options will add a block of storage each, so players must be careful.

  1. Upload limit

This ones easy, this game rule would determine how many pieces of evidence you can submit. By default, this is one. There would also be another rule that can convert submit limits to rely on block storage space, or disable evidence submissions completely. (Players could still keep proof for themselves though)

  1. I’m imposter. How do I stop this?

Easy. Sabotage comms and every pic becomes corrupted and deleted, regardless of what’s been ticked.

  1. That’s not fair! How are imposters supposed to blend in?

Imposters could use the same system, but they would be able to keep evidence forever with double storage. They would also be able to edit pictures by going into gallery, and would be able to change the time of picture taken (if enabled on the picture) and the colour of one crew mate in the picture. The way to prevent this from being too powerful is that the crewmate has to be clearly visible on picture, otherwise they will not be coloured fully.

Say for example green (the other imposter) walks into cams. He is barely at the edge of your screen, and kills yellow. You want to frame red. If green is at the edge, then he will only be partially red. This would be fixed by having them closer to you, and this range would be dependent on vision settings.

This may seem too powerful, but remember, if looking back at the example, if someone can prove its not red then you can be easily caught out.

  1. Standing still would be dangerous and really sus, and would not encourage movement. What’s the solution?

The tablet would have an animation for everyone to see when using it. It would also only have a certain battery life per round, being at default 120 seconds. This only goes down while it’s open, and applies to all roles. It would be refreshed at meetings, and can be changed to one charge only in settings.

  1. Conclusion

Sorry if this was long! It’s an idea that I thought would be really simple but just got more complex the longer I thought about it. This system would not only allow easier communication at meetings, but a new way for imposters to catch you off guard. Any and all criticisms are welcome, and any questions I’m happy to answer too.

TL;DR- have a screenshot system that allows you to prove or disprove people’s claims. Also allows imposters to get creative to throw everyone for a trip.


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