Idea for a Battle Trance buff

witcher triss merigold gwint

Currently, Battle Trance is probably the worst of the tag based payoff leaders (i.e. Enslave, Arachas Swarm, Nature's Gift, Lined Pockets, Mahakam Forge). Not only does it lack multiple charges like (most of) the other leaders, but it plays horribly into tall punish. Worst of all, it's passive doesn't activate unless you deliberately set it up, making it inconsistent and awkward to use.

I propose that instead of healing a unit, it instead randomly increase a unit's base strength by 1 instead. This would make it work with far less setup, and would also help it generate some carryover. This would be an enormous buff though, make no mistake. If a strengthened unit is able to be played from graveyard (crowmama and crow messenger in particular) then the strengthening counts for not 1 but 2 points. The provs would probably have to be nerfed if that happened.



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