Idea for a new dungeon I had

Disclaimer: I know this probably wouldn’t work well into the game’s lore. I just think it would be cool

This idea I had comes from the new season’s theme (io vs seven). A member of the seven like Dwayne or the origin or someone else could be narrating and the objective would be to go through an io base to kill doctor slone.

The unique thing about this dungeon is that throughout the levels there will be groups of io guards that will attack you if they see you. If you kill them they will drop special weapons exclusive to them (could be anything they’ve been known to use but probably the things they use this season).

The boss floor will have two bosses: doctor slone and gunnar. They will behave how they do in the other mode, with slone cloning herself and gunnar having a dash attack. This phase is where the io weapons will come in handy. I think that if you take these weapons to the boss room they would do bonus damage to the bosses.

Completing the dungeon would reward you with whoever was narrating the dungeon or a special weapon like the mk7. Lemme know what you guys think of this.


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