Idea for a new sabotage

This is a random idea I had while building Among Us maps in Minecraft and I wanted to share it. It probably sucks, but idc. So y'know how on Mira and Polus there are Decontamination rooms that have a little spray animation to represent the player getting space juices or whatever the crewmates get on them while doing tasks washed off? Well, what if the impostor could sabotage the spray things so that there is a slight chance that a different chemical comes out instead of cleaning chemicals? The chemicals would have an effect on the crewmates, maybe making them slower for a minute or something of that nature (thanks to slowness pots in Minecraft for that idea). It would only happen occasionally and pose no immediate threat to crewmates, lessening the need to fix the sabotage and making it last longer. To fix it, a crewmate could have to go through and clean all of the spray things out and replace the bad chemical with the good one, also making the sabotage last longer since it would take a while to repair. A way to make this seem less overpowered is that, as with every sabotage, it can backfire and the impostor could reveal themselves. Maybe, the slowness from the spray things doesn't effect impostors, therefore if a crewmate spots someone get hit by the slowness and not slow down instantly, they would know who the impostor is. But the impostor does also have the ability to slow themselves down on purpose to try and conceal it when passing through the spray. I'm not sure how this sabotage would fully work in-game, but I think it would be a cool thing to try out. Let me know what you think!


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