Idea for bosses in the ocean.

New Valheim update

I’ve thought about this a lot and I would love to see some bosses that can be found in the ocean. The Leviathen while it is alive doesn’t really pose much of a threat.

Whether it’s a flying boss in the ocean or a swimming based one. I wanted to theory craft with you guys what the rules should be when fighting them because dying in the ocean is extremely punishing.

  1. If your player is killed. Your corpse will be sent to the closest shore to prevent being killed by the boss again while trying to retrieve it. This also means you can build a spawn point to where your body will end up.

  2. Wind direction does not matter it will always be maximized no matter what direction to prevent you from becoming a sitting duck. This will also allow the boss to use mechanics which will require skilled steering.

  3. Have the players health linked to the boat. Also allow the damage to be split with other players on the boat. It seems unfair for a boss to be able to destroy a boat and cause a wipe so why not give the player a fighting chance you could even have the boat wash up to the shore where the players/ player died.


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