Idea for game balancing in the future

I’ve been thinking recently about how the game could be rebalanced, and I think this would help increase the longevity of the game, and the overall enjoyment of the game.

Currently, the abundance of high pen ammo and high level armour which is easy to obtain via traders and flea market, I think, messes up the overall flow and progression of the game. I see in many posts how many people love the time just after a wipe, when everyone is scavenging for supplies and using whatever they can get their hands on, resulting in creative builds and a wider variety of gear compared to now, where everyone is running meta builds.

So therefore, I think that when the new armour plate system is introduced, the availability of good ammo and high level armour plates should be restricted.

For example, right now you can buy M995 from level 4 peacekeeper. I think it should be treated like 7N39, where it can not be bought. I think it should be the same for all ammo that is at the top of its type; they should be a rare find in raid item only, and maybe it should be made that this ammo can’t be listed on the flea market? I’m not sure about that part though. I also think that second best ammo such as BS and M855A1 should be restricted to barter and find in raid also. I think that ammo such as M856A1 and BT should be the max you can buy from traders.

As for the armour side of things, I think that you should only be able to buy up to level 4 from traders, with level 5 being an expensive barter only and level 6 being a very rare find in raid item only.

Both of these changes I think would increase the variety of weapons and kits used throughout the wipe, and delay the burn out of late wipe meta kits. It will also buff the effectiveness of all types of ammo, while also increasing the viability of one of Tarkov’s core mechanics; scavenging for supplies – I feel like this point has been forgotten in recent patches due to the high availability of all items on the flea market.

Of course this is just an idea – what do you guys think?


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