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Okay, still loving the game. Like I said, the fact that this is only 2 Months into Early Access and is what most games call a finished build is impressive and I can't wait to see more. But I can't help but feel the game is…kinda desolate. It's a huge world where the only person in it is Haldor. (Not to mention, I STILL haven't seen him, so there needs to be a few more vendors for how much coin and treasure there is) And Munin, but he barely counts. So a feature I think should happen, at least for Single Player Mode, is that every time there is a raid on your base, should you succeed or win the fight without dying once, someone who was "Running from the monsters" arrives. And provided you provide them with shelter, you can give them a task to take over, that way you can focus on advancing further in the game and exploring more. They can take over farming or foraging, etc. And this could fit into the bandit update later in the game, once you have a few people in your base, if you come across a bandit, draugr or fuling camp, you can do a "Call to Arms" and have them load up in the longboat with you to help out. If they die? Well they respawn, but perhaps are more apt to leaving due to "Poor Leadership".

Why do I want this? Because this is a problem building games have, leaving you a huge world to just build in, and find a few friends to fill up a massive structure you might build. Not something that looks…organic, almost like they belong there. At least in my opinion. If you agree, let me know, disagree, also let me know.


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  • Francisca Philip 06.04.2021 in 09:53

    Hey There, ce fai maci ?

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