Idea: I’d be cool if large settlements had small nearby settlements.

It'd be awesome if large settlements (like cities) had small and distant settlements, clusters of societies, i'm not talking like half way across the planet, i'm talking like, take an srv for 10 minutes through the terrains to reach another settlement. Distant enough to not have a fps affect. But close enough to be feasible for fun gameplay.

This could be missions. Delivery, combat, trading. Battles/ wars to win a region. (all settlements).. Picture, a town retaliates with the main town and they now are in conflict. Other towns could join up. A war is waged. A enemy power starts to take over the perimiter. Defense is needed. Deliver goods like turrets. Air offense. Etc.

Somone here was robbed in a nearby town over there, kill this person in a covert mission..

A company needs to steal from another's databank (in a different town). etc.

This would make apex interstellar feel more taxi-like for fast travel between the towns/ cities.

There could be a system to purchase srvs, get a tank like srv and attack the other settlement, get the fast srv to just get there really fast, etc.

This could make areas of a planet feel like their own mini-rpg. A whole planet can be full of clusters of settlements and thus be regions controlled by various factions..

There could be a whole rpg-shooter game within a planet. And when you feel like you've done your fair share of missions or reached your goal of influence/impact on the local politics, just jump to the next world.

IMO. The "can play the game without owning a ship" aspect of odyssey isn't really in the game. The second you're required to use apex to travel to another world/ system to finish a mission. You're immiediately incouraged to get your own ship. Having more depth to worlds/ settlements could really achieve the "play without a ship" goal i think they were trying to reach.

And i think settlement clusters would be a feasible way to attain that.

Anyways i'm procastinating, so i probably half-assed this idea. But i haven't seen it brought up. G2G!


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