Idea: Special Lobbies

Special lobbies are lobbies with twists that change up the game a lot. Like how lobbies with different maps and number of impostors are on different pages, these lobbies would be as well. The gamemodes special lobbies can have are listed below.

Anonymous Impostors: In this gamemode, the impostors do not know who the other impostors are. This means they can accidently kill their own teammates. If they find out that they are an impostor by seeing them kill or vent, then they know not to kill them. There must be 2 or 3 impostors to play this mode.

Vigilante: This gamemode adds a new role to the game: Vigilante. A vigilante is like an impostor but on the crewmate's side. The vigilante has the ability to kill players, including impostors. They will kill someone if they are certain that someone is an impostor. This can be risky to do as crewmates may think they are an impostor for killing them. If a vigilante accidently kills someone who is a crewmate, they will hear a buzzer sound if confirm ejects are on to let them know that they made a mistake. A different kill cooldown can be set for vigilantes.

Jester: This gamemode adds another new role to the game: Jester. What a Jester does is they try to trick crewmates into thinking they are an impostor. They will do sus things such as walking away from vents, bodies, or sabotages. If the Jester gets voted off, both the crewmates and impostors lose and the Jester wins.

Universal Vents: In this mode, all players can vent instead of only impostors. Crewmates can vent to different rooms to do their tasks faster. However, this will make it more difficult to find the impostors as them venting does not mean they are an impostor anymore. If they vent out of a room with a body in it, then you can tell.

Switcheroo: In this gamemode, the impostor(s) change after every meeting. This means that you have to find who is the impostor on the round you reported a body or called a meeting. If a player is sus but you skip voting, they will no longer be sus after the meeting (unless they become impostor again). If all crewmates die or if a sabotage times out, whoever the impostor was that round wins. If there are multiple impostors, ejecting an impostor will decrease the number of impostors after the meeting.


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