Ideas for Among Us Roles

Note: Unlike most roles, these roles can be taken by either the crewmates or the impostors. This is primarily so crewmates cannot use their roles’ abilities to prove their innocence, but also because they’re designed to be useful for either team.

Captain: When the captain calls, everyone comes running. Their handy-dandy remote control lets them call an emergency meeting from anywhere.

Manager: The captain’s second-in-command, the manager is in charge of the crew’s day-to-day activities, and their tablet gives them constant access to Admin. It’s very buggy, though – it only updates every 10 seconds.

Chronicler: Assigned the duty of keeping a log of the crew’s history, the chronicler always has Security’s cameras at their disposal. The display is cumbersome, however, so the chronicler may not move while using it.

Sheriff: In these perilous times, the sheriff keeps order with their trusty antique revolver. Though it takes a long time to reload (double the impostor’s kill cooldown, in fact), it has the advantage of killing anyone, crewmate or impostor, and marking them as the sheriff’s kill for all to see. (If confirm ejects is on, it will even show the difference between crew and imps. If an impostor sheriff kills, it puts both abilities on the lower cooldown)

Engineer: An expert with the ship’s design, the engineer can navigate the vents and board them up. Any vents connected to the starting point are boarded up, temporarily barring access to impostors (this effect is visible to all) and forcing any currently present to exit immediately. The engineer cannot linger in the vents long; once they choose the vent to move to, they also exit, and may not use this again for 30 seconds.

Medic: The crew is the medic’s responsibility, and when someone needs care or a coroner, the medic instantly knows where to go on their map. Unfortunately, the impostors are never considerate enough to leave crewmates in one piece for the medic to do their work…

Hero: Calm and ready to leap into action at the sound of the alarm, the hero runs faster than anyone when there’s a (non-door) sabotage. Once it’s over, however, they go back to being their mild-mannered self.

Janitor: A master of routine tasks, the janitor zooms around the ship faster than anyone in their hurry to get things done. But when sabotage comes, their panic causes them to be left in the dust by the hero.

Student: Having read the guidebook in its entirety, the student knows exactly what tasks are on the full list, and by examining a specific task to jog their memory, they can even tell who has that task. They’re too inexperienced to tell who’s completed their tasks, though.

Tinker: The tinker works in their spare time on a number of inventions, and one is ready to be put into action: their three door scanners can be placed at any entrance to a room (though it may take a couple of seconds to set them up), and they can look at their logs from anywhere. They can remove one of their scanners already placed nearby, and move it elsewhere if they so wish.


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