Ideas for next among us update

And no im not talking about the henry stickmin airship update. The next big one with new hats, skins and pets, maybe even a new map. Lets get into it.

Reporting players

There has been a rise in teamers recently and im not the only person who seems to have noticed. So thats why i propose to report those sour grapes and get them off the game. Same goes for hackers. Looking at you, eris loris.

Settings filter

Im sick of playing lobbies on 3x speed, 10 seconds kill timer and 9 or 2 tasks. I bet you are too. I give you the filter! Lots of other games have setting filters so i don't see why among us shouldn't have one as well.

New roles

There has been way too many youtube videos suggesting new roles. Time to jump on that bandwagon.

Electrician-theyre mostly normal crewmates in some form. The idea is they are the only person who can fix comms or light sabotages, but if they die, only doors can be sabotaged as it only makes sense.

Captain-captains are again mostly crewmates in a way. The idea? That they can call meetings from anywhere. It sounds overpowered, and it probably will be in practice.

Medic-they are not crewmates in any way. They cant do tasks and only have one job. To revive dead crewmates. They have to go to medbay to do it though. If a meeting is called, the crewmate is not revived and gone for good.

Security-not the room. The security GUARD. Guards have access to admin table and cameras at all times, but it makes them vulnerable to impostors.

Impostor's pet-i thought this was a terrible idea at first. But it sounds great in reality! The impostor's pet can sabotage, and thats it. No killing, no venting, no nothing. If the other impostor gets caught, they become an impostor. Impostors pet can only be accesed with one impostor lobbies and its an option-you dont have to have impostors pet and you can adjust that setting.

Detective-the detective fedora is a really popular hat, but the only way your gonna identify a detective is their fedora. Sorry guys. Anyway, the detective has access to admin tables at all times, and they have a special investigate button where they can further look into dead bodies for clues. You can only do it in medbay.

Engineer-the engineer is the one who had no tasks. His job is to give the engine fuel and junk, and make sure the technology is all in order. Sounds useless? No, because if you dont do the fuels as the engineer, there is a timer for when the ship runs out of fuel of 5 minutes. The timer has an option to continue through meetings or stop when a meeting is called. When the timer stops, the ship will crashland onto the mira launchpad and the impostor will win by default.

Sheriff-the sherrif has one job, to find the impostor, and kill him. You see an impostor vent? Shoot him. Be careful though, because if you shoot a crewmate, you die with him.

Free skins and pets-whenever i see a player who spent money on items in game, i feel a bit jealous inside. So thats why free skins hopefully will come! I dont have any design concepts for new skins, so it might be a long wait.

Item pass

Now, i know its a bit like the battle pass from fortnite. I did not just say that. But why not? The item pass will grant you free and paid skins, pets and hats to use at your disposal. You can level it up by voting out impostors, winning crewmate games and getting a certain amount of impostor kills.

The new map that I want

Skeld, mira and polus are getting old now, so its about time a new map after airship comes out. What i want is either a planetarium or space station(and no, skeld is a spaceship, not a space station.) or both by 2022.

There you have it! Do you have ideas? Share them in the comments.


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