Ideas for Panther Clipper

I'm kind of underwhelmed by the Type-9 so here’s:

My shitty attempt at a realistic expectation for A Panther Mini

I took the Type-9 and scaled it up to the length and width of the Beluga and the height of the Type-10. Got ~2.08 times the volume. So just about double. Split double capacity across 13 Optional internal modules(max of any other ship)

Cost: Probably less than the Cutter based on price/capacity increases between other cargo ships. Tried a bunch of maths but there's not really any consistency

Reactor: 7(T9+1)

Thrusters: 8(It's a big boi so same as Cutter)

FSD: 8(Maybe 7)

Life Support: 6(T9+1)

Power Distributor: 7(T9+1)

Sensors: 4(Left it the same)

Fuel Tank: 7(T9+1)

Utility Slots

Hauler 2, T6 3, T7 4, T9 4 again for some reason.

6 seams reasonable

Armor Hardness: IDK 70 to 80

MassLock Factor: At least 26(Cutter & Type-10)

For hardpoints Hauler has one small so 1

Type 6 has SS so 2

Type 7 has SSSS so 4

T9 MMMSS so 2+2+2+1+1=8

keeps doubling

So I chose a reasonable combination of 16



Optional internal

8 8 8 8 8 7 6 6 5 4 4 2 1

Everything Cargo: 1574 Tons

Cargo W/ Class 6 Shield, S.C.A, and Autodock: 1504 Tons(Exactly double Type 9)

Size: Large(Duh)

Crew: 3(down from T9 makes no sense)

FighterHanger?: This thing could tote Multiple Keelbacks around it can absolutely carry some fighters

I’m not messing W/ Shield/Hull/Weight. just too inconsistent and fine tuned.

What y’all Think


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