Ideas for powerplay

Hey Cmdr.CaffieneSage here, not posted here before. Usually just lurk. Just some ideas rolling about in my head, hope it's of interest!

Some ideas for improvement of
Give it its own mission board:
  *go to x system and scan x building for data, return to power vendor.
  *go to x system and hunt power specific shipping for cargo/merits.
  *Deliver power specific cargo/data to x system.
  *Transport political prisoner/dignitary to x system.
*Assassinate x high ranking official in x system controlled by x power.
*Obtain/mine x amount of x commodity for your power.

Fortify and Undermine become open only activities:
*Weekly credits reduced.
*Successful delivery of materials gives x credits/merits per ton (like regular cargo).
*Destroying non allied powerplay enemies yield scoopable cargo, turned in for x credits/merits per ton plus bounties.

Powerplay modules:
*Tweak some PP modules to make them more useful.
*Add Earnable powerplay paint jobs.
*Add a new engineer for each powerplay faction (?)

*Allow powerplay to be used to decrease fed/imp rank grind.
*Make powerplay powers allied neutral or enemy based on which faction they belong to.(eg. Fed, empire etc)
*Create specific arenas for powerplay based pvp(warzones).
*Make it more clear who is friendly/unfriendly with who.
*Remove penalty for defection when moving to another power if they are allied.
*all powerplay related activities should give credits and merits if successfully completed.

Some or most of these ideas are not new, but I would love to see some improvements to this area of the game as part of Odyssey or at some point. I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading. o7


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