Ideas for ST buffs?

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

  1. Vernossiel power 5->6

passive: whenever you play or spawn an elf boost it by 1

deploy (melee): every dead eye on you side of the board damages a random enemy unit by 1, repeat this deploy once.

  1. avalacch sage : deploy(melee) : spawn you faction stratagem on this row.(// less tempo radeyah?? maybe a different ST exclusive card that spawns an seidhe sabre)

  1. Aglais: deploy: boost self by the number of nature cards you played this game and At the end of you turn double the amount of boosts on self.

( //basically a much better gord at 10 prov though still vulnerable to tall punish)

  1. Malena

prov 6->8

zeal order: move a unit to the other row


passive: whenever an allied unit moves boost self by 1 (//synergy with movement engines similar to coral's with discard)

Gold Bow users buffs

  1. Milaen

zeal order: damage a unit by 1

charge: 6 (//she was powercrept as hell, this way ST also gets a 6 damage…. also similar change could be done for nenenkke)

  1. Dunca:

zeal order: damage a unit by 1


if this unit has charges buff a random ST unit in hand (// she is just more of a threat but still easily removed)

  1. Milva power3->4


passive: boost self when ever you play an ST unit

boost a unit in hand whenver you play an ST special

damage a random unit by 1 (ignoring armor) whenver you play an ST artifact. (// my favourite legendary)

  1. Morenn power 5->6 ( also lock unit elf should also be buffed to 6)

melee order: damage a unit by 1 devotion: cooldown 1 (//confirming value above neutral dorogery)

deploy ranged:lock a unit

  1. Braenn power4->6 prov 6->7

viel ( //immmune to Waters of brokilon, ambusher)

zeal order: damage a unit by 1


gain a charge whenever you play a dryad or nature card.

devotion: spawn a young dryad in this row (// had so many daughters)

  1. Sirssa power 4->6


zeal order: damage a unit by 1


deathblow:boost a unit in your hand by 2

devotion: boost a unit in you hand regardless of deathblow condition

Some random ST and mixed buffs

Etreil and Muirlega should have similar condition to crones, upgrade ability of the next in the pair just by playing the other one before.

Eithne should transform without changing power. also whoreson junior fee 3->4

schirru: ignore allied units except self if you control 5 or more elves (// just so it can be used in elf decks, although uneccesary)

lady of the lake:order: give an allied unit shield and viel.

dennis cranmer: power 4->6

isengrim faoiltiarma: deploy boost all elves by 1. whenever you play an elf boost self by 1

Hawker smuggler: prov 6->4 (// this card is the same as tax collector, it gives uniteractive carryover but where tax collector doesn't suffer from Rng, it doesn't suffer from carryover being halved at the end of the round)

mahakham defender: barricade: if this units power is less than or equal to base power remove armor and boost self by the amount of armor removed.

passive: if this unit is boosted on turn end, boost self by 1

(// so that it can fit in dwarf decks)

dwarven mercenary: barricade: ignore deploy condition.( so that dwarves can fit something non dwarf withot messing up boosts from broover)

Yarpen zigrin: deploy (melee):damage an enemy by number of dwarfs in this row

deploy (ranged): damage an enemy unit by 4

Barricade; at the end of your turn lose armor and boost self by the amound of armor lost.

Great Oak: counts dryads and treants twice.

dryad ranger: Harmony deploy: give an enemy unit poison

zeal order damge an enemy unit by 2

thunderbolt: prov 8-> 6

Pavko gale

order (ranged)

damage a unit by 1

cooldown: 1

If you control only ST units damage a unit by 2 instead.

when targeting spying allied units destroy them instead.

waylay prov 4->5

damage 3->4

deathblow: spawn an elven deadeye

( so sorceress at 4 is conistent)

Saskia: Harmony

deploy: Spawn and play elven deadeye and damage a random enemy by 2

or Spawn and play a rowdy dwarf and boost it by 3 and give it 2 armor

or Spawn and play a young dryad and give it 2 boost and 1 vitality.

Waters of brokilon prov 12->10 ( can be given echo too and it won't be as powerful now i think except in round 1)

Call of the Forest- echo ( all other echos are tutors)

figus merluzo- armor changed from 2 to 5

Invigorate: boost a unit in your hand by 2 Charge:4 passive: whenever a unit in your hand gets boosted boost it by one, not counting leader boosts

Deadeye Ambush: spawn an elven deadeye in this row charge:3

once all charges are used spawn and play waylay.

gurilla tactics: move a unit to the other row if it is an enemy damage it by 2 if it's an ally boost it by 2 charges:3

every 2 allied turns gain a charge – Max 3.

mahakham forge: all dwarves in your starting deck gain 1 armor. order: spawn and play a mahakham guard.

once this order has been used gain Order: spawn and play tempering.

ST still no easily achievable bronze thinning cards like hunting pack or casino bouncers or single card tall punish . The current expansion is changing ST identity from deploy based faction to a faction that is often at the mercy of opponent's control with very little tempo in it self out side of dwarves. Also in Other factions various tribe cards like soldier and aristocrats, gangs of syndicate can be mixed ,which is discouraged in ST.


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