idgaf if i get downvoted i just need to tell everyone this

holy fuck ever since the pre-wipe started I've been having so much damn fun with this game. i'm not even being sarcastic I've genuinely never had this much fun before in EFT because i'm so used to farming snoreline to do those fucking punisher and PK quests but now i can't stop playing factory and customs because quests don't matter anymore and HOLY FUCK i haven't had this much action and fun in so long. and i don't even care that I've been dying, i was having fun even when i was dying the only reason why i had to stop playing was because i ran out of ammo for my guns and was too damn lazy to go onto the fucking flea market and spending half of my rubles on 5 rounds of 556.

TL;DR thanks for the pre-wipe BSG, if you hadn't done it, i would've never been reminded on just how fun this game is 🙂

EDIT: i'm a fucking dumbass and never specified "why" i'm having more fun. the reason why is A. i decided "fuck it" and started bringing more gear and B. i'm going towards gunshots and points of interest rather than away/around


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