If all heroes were programmed like Marci

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Marci is so cOoL she has eVeRyThiNg.

Added changes to a few other heroes to make them as cOoL


  • APHOTIC SHIELD when broken it mini stuns all enemies around it
  • MIST COIL gives allies extra movement speed / attack speed + enemies movement slow and attack slow


  • ACID SPRAY gives + armor to allies standing in it
  • UNSTABLE CONCOCTION can be throw on an ally giving them an unstable shield which dispels and absorbs damage. the longer its charged the longer the duration lasts. At the end of the duration the unstable shield explodes knocking back enemies in an AOE.

Ancient Apparition:

  • ICE BLAST any ally hero caught in ice blast is given ice armor + magic resistance slowing enemies who attack it


  • BLINK friendly heroes who antimage blinks near get bonus speed
  • COUNTERSPELL when counterspell blows up it gives friendly units near it added magical resistance

Arc Warden

  • FLUX when cast on friendly heroes gives them static charge which shocks enemies with lighting when they are near


  • Aghanim's Scepter gives axe a new ability (Whirlwind) which he spins around in circles with his axe doing percentage based damage and cutting any trees in his path


  • ENFEEBLE when cast on friendly heroes gives them bonus attack damage + regen + cast speed


  • STARSTORM Starstorm changed to a AOE targeted ability where stars come down in selected area for 3/4/5/6 seconds
  • New Aghanim's Scepter during MOONLIGHT SHADOW mirana summons 2 bloodthirsty beasts at a selected target to attack and slow the enemy. When not in MOONLIGHT SHADOW Mirana sends 2 scout dogs into an area for vision. Cooldown is shorter during non moonlight shadow
  • Aghanim's shard now causes SACRED ARROW to emit an explosion of light blinding enemies in an aoe for a short time

Troll Warlord:

  • BATTLE TRANCE now fears all enemies in an area causing them to run away unable to attack or cast spells. Troll also goins increased attack and move speed
  • Aghanim's shard now causes FERVOR stacks to build up and explode after a set amount dealing aoe magical damage and slowing nearby enemies


  • New Aghanim's Scepter Sniper gets a new ability: claymore, 3 charges which sniper can place near him stunning and damaging enemies who walk on top of it. When sniper walks a certain distance away they automatically blow up.


New Aghanim's Scepter

  • Doom drops a large pentagram down in an area burning % based damage / slowing enemies who enter

Ogre Magi

  • Aghanim's shard FIRE SHIELD reworked to now shield an AOE area instead of single target Creates a shield around an area, absorbing 85% of the damage of next 3 attacks. Launches fireballs at the attacker, dealing 125 damage.


  • DEMONIC CONVERSION now explode when killed slowing and damaging enemies near them
  • Aghanim's shard reworked: midnight pulse now adds the non-interrupting pull towards it in a 1200 AoE. Pulls at a rate of 175.

Witch Doctor

  • VOODOO RESTORATION Now heals and also gives increased status resistance to allies
  • New Aghanim's Scepter: Creates a voodoo doll of the target enemy which can be attacked taking increased damage linked to the target. The enemy is bound to the voodoo doll by life string and cannot move a set amount of distance while under the effect.


  • Aghanim's shard now summons a clone in a selected area which throws a chaos bolt at the first enemy in range and then disappears.


  • SHADOW WALK reworked While a target is tracked bounty hunter can perform a targeted shadow step dash onto the target where jinata is automatically applied for first hit.

Shadow Demon

  • SOUL CATCHER now targetable up to 1/2/3 enemies draining their souls causing them to have increased spell amplification. If the target is an ally they receive increased spell lifesteal and move speed.


  • ILLUSORY ORBSCEPTER ABILITY UPGRADE: 2 extra orbs are launched with a 40° angle to the left and right of puck. She can choose which one to teleport to. Any ally within the path of the orb is healed.

Spirit Breaker

  • NETHER STRIKE Spirit Breaker poofs in and out of the the nether realm hitting up to 1/2/3 enemies in succession.
  • CHARGE OF DARKNESS SCEPTER ABILITY UPGRADE: Spirit breaker leaves behind him a trail of substance from the Nether realm giving allies who walk through it the effects of bulldoze bonus movement speed and bonus status resistance. Also reduces Charge of Darkness cooldown, cast point and makes it pierce magic immunity.

Tide Hunter

  • SHARD ABILITY UPGRADE Rework: Skill shot: Tide can throw is anchor onto a target latching on to them holding them in place for 4 seconds: The target can still move but only within the confined distance of the anchor length. Can be activated again to pull the target closer to tide but if activated the second the time latch is broken. Tide can still use all abilities during this time.


  • SCEPTER GRANTS NEW ABILITY: Calls in a large target dummy walrus which flops around in an area dealing damage and knocking back enemies that run into it. Tusk can target this with his snowball.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/qjw5rc/if_all_heroes_were_programmed_like_marci/

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