If BSG don’t fix this games issues…

Someone else will just take the core concepts with a bigger dev team, more ideas, more cash injection and implement it faster and better, with better design and a better game engine.

With Tarkov's increasing popularity, how long is it before we start to see EA with Frostbite engine or Activision blizzard giving a survival milsim a go, especially given that BSG has proved there is a big thirst for it.

People are literally throwing money at them to play a laggy, buggy shitty mess because it's fun.

You must be crazy if you think other companies and dev teams are not taking notice of the success of this game and how to do better via the pitfalls it has.

It's peaking at 14th on Twitch with 37k viewers. More than 3 times as many as Rainbow Six Siege, Cod Modern Warfare, Cod Black Ops, Pubg and Overwatch.

The only ones it's not beating, are Valorant, Fortnite and Warzone. Probably because they have NO entry fee to get started.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/oy1w85/if_bsg_dont_fix_this_games_issues/

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