If Epic is going to blatantly ignore virtually every report that they get, then can they just go ahead and remove the report button?

u/Magyst Sorry for tagging you specifically, but none of the other Epic staff ever responds on here so I don't have much choice.

I'm so, so tired of a lot of this game's community. I'm sick of the children that constantly leech. I'm sick of the children that would rather trade and put obnoxious boxes around me than actually play the game. I'm sick of children intentionally building walls in front of my Teddy to keep it from ever damaging husks. I'm sick of all the human garbage that outright griefs missions by destroying/opening builds around the objective.

I shouldn't have to play on private just to avoid this shit and the fact that I see some of it even in late Twine is completely ridiculous. I report literally every problematic player I come across, but none of them are ever punished. I can say that for sure because I keep track of some of them. Why do this to us? I know the whole "Epic doesn't care" mindset has been around for ages, but does Epic at least understand how fucking bad this looks? If you don't care, then just remove the damn report option and be done with it.

Doubt I'll bother responding to anyone unless by some miracle an Epic employee actually does respond. I just needed to rant. I'm so, so tired of this shit and after three and a half years of the community getting progressively worse I genuinely don't even know why I bother continuing to log in.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/n1uk21/if_epic_is_going_to_blatantly_ignore_virtually/

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