If nobody would have told me about this “event” I never would have noticed! (Dynamic loot)

I've done my fair share of GPU rushing on interchange until I realized that this map ain't worth it. I haven't done it in a while so if your argument is "I can't go find guaranteed GPUs, Nikita please!" The go fuck yourself please. How many god-damned GPUs are still left in Tarkov? Anyways, I personally always thought the GPU spawns should be nerfed anyways, they should only appear in marked rooms and at a very low spawn rate in PCs. That's my opinion so if you disagree I don't care.

For everything else though, I honestly don't see the difference, I've opened marked room on customs, got the same shit as always, in fact I just found a waller with the 21sr card in it. Everything else seems to have the same stuff, filing cabinets, safes, stashes all have good loot. Most open world spawns feel the same.

I guess the only ones who has a good reason to complain would be labs mains. I heard that red room is shit and TBH that is not cool. Lore wise I thought Labs is a secret and inaccessible location, you need a keycard to get in. Scavs can't just go to labs and fuck with the loot. The whole reason why you can't insure gear on labs is supposedly because labs is kind of secret and hard to get in. You don't see random scavs roam labs like other maps so I don't see how they could affect the loot. Then again video game logic can't be beat.

I am not saying this whole iteration of "dynamic loot" which I don't think anyone really knows what it even means, not even BSG for that matter, is perfect. But calm your horses it's gonna be over soon and like I said, if you hadn't told me I wouldn't even have noticed. I've been making tons of money looting around the maps so it's really odd to me how so many of you seem to be so upset about it.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/pimqmv/if_nobody_would_have_told_me_about_this_event_i/

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