If the next Journey is Regis, how disappointed will you be that…

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The vampire archetype didn't get any buffs whatsoever? Given the time of the year, and with the Saovine event tomorrow, and a possible Regis Journey, my disappointment that the Vampire archetype was ignored altogether will be pretty saddening. It has been a year and a half now since Vamps were made obsolete with the introduction of Veil from Way of the Witcher. The community has asked for buffs to the archetype ad nauseum for how long now? Then the perfect opportunity for the archetype to see some changes comes along, and it is ignored yet again.

The only thing I can hope for is they are handling the bleed effect like they did Stockpile, and continue to ignore the archetype because they realized bleed is the worse status in the game at the moment. Thanks to how slow and powercrept it is, as well as how much veil countered it. Maybe, just maybe, the bleed effect will get reworked, or at the very least Vampire cards will get drain worked into their archetype the way cooldown was worked into NR. But my optimism is fading…

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