If this is going to be your first wipe, READ HERE. Pt. 3

Hello fellow Escapers,

In near time, patch 12.6 will drop and with it a new wipe of everyone's progress.

This is not a time of sadness to morn the gear and progress lost, but a time of joy in the Rubles that will be made.

I'm going to answer some more questions I keep seeing often as well as adding additional advice for the early wipe days.

Question 1) "When is the wipe?" Soonish but not soon soon. Best we know is 2-4 weeks. Patch is done, just going through internal testing.

Question 2) "Will there be pre-wipe events?" Yes, we don't know what but wait for BSG to announce them. Pre-wipe events typically signal the wipe is less than 1 week out.

Question 3) "Can I sell gear from PMCs I've killed on the Flea Market" No, those items were NOT spawned into that raid and were brought INTO the raid by the other PMC. These items do not have the FiR tag and thus cannot be sold on the Flea Market. Items can still be used by yourself or sold to traders.

Question 4) "What about items that were looted by a PMC I killed? Will those still be marked as FiR?" Yes, those items spawned in that raid which means they will keep their FiR tag.

Question 5) "What about Money/Items from Insurance/Flea Market sales that are pending at the time of the wipe? Will I be able to collect those after the wipe?" Clever, but no. Mail/Messages are wiped.

Question 6) "Will items crafted in the hideout be still marked as FiR?" Yes, Nikita has confirmed this.

Question 7) "Will patch 12.6 include a new map?" No, but there will be a significant update to Customs including new areas.

Question 8) "What is going on with the Flea Market right now? Why is pricing all messed up?" Supply and demand. There is only demand for things that kill players or help you not die while killing players, we are in the end game now.

Question 9) "What happens to my Twitch Rivals Loot?" Well, sucks it was just a couple of weeks ago, but unless stated otherwise it is going to be wiped.

Question 10) "How much longer until I can legally spam ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つGIB WIPE ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ on every post?" Give it another week guys, then spam it to your heart's content.

Advice 1) Uninstall your game and clear shader caches. STRATEGIC VALUE:ABSOLUTE. Uninstall the game using the launcher, uninstall the launcher, then clear the shaders following the guide by u/lowsisback linked Here. (Also make sure to check out his guides on optimization for EFT) Then reinstall the game AFTER patch 12.6 goes live.

Advice 2) Make sure to remember your Christmas bonus from BSG. When the wipe happens the Christmas Bonus from BSG is reset. As long as you purchased the game BEFORE the first week of January YOU QUALIFY FOR FREE LOOT. Just go to Escapefromtarkov.com. Log into your BSG account. Scroll down and click on the Christmas loot icon. The items will arrive via in game mail within a couple of minutes.

Advice 3) u/dumnem made a literal book for new players explaining the most frequently asked questions as well as many advanced tips. Click Here to read it.

Advice 4) Value Meds over everything. Meds are the backbone to any successful raid. Do not undervalue them.

Advice 5) Before going on runs each day after the wipe, sit down and go through the Flea Market to gauge pricing on items. Know which pliers sell for the most, and which items are going to go into your secure container.

Advice 6) Learn about PENETRATION. Spend some time going over u/nofoodaftermidnight's chart HERE or download the Battle Buddy App on iOS and Android published by Veritas. These tools will help you understand what makes bullets work in EFT. Letting you know which ones to use and which ones to stay away from.

Advice 7) Subscribe to Informational Tarkov Youtubers/Twitch Streamers. This may seem obvious but to this day I am still learning things after owning the game for more than 2 years. For PVP players I recommend LVNDMARK, Robn_Live, QuattroAce. For Informational content, I recommend VoX_E, J Dog Th3 Wise, Veritas, DeadlySlob, Pestily, OnePeg, and Samosh. For entertainment, I recommend Operator Drewski, AquaFPS, Worrun_, Anton, Smoke, Dr Lupo, SlushPuppy, Eroktic, and Fugglet. If I didn't mention your favorite streamer I am sorry. These are the people I regularly watch.

Advice 8) Go watch the RAID series. Like if you haven't go RIGHT NOW. Here's the link. ITS LIKE THE COOLEST RUSSIAN SHIT EVER, BSG CAN DO NO WRONG. /s https://youtu.be/UPnrY5BxddI

I will continue to add to this and if I get enough questions I will do a pt 3.

Any questions or comments please leave them below. If anything is factually incorrect I will be happy to amend it.

Happy Escaping, and gl on Wipe Day

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/g9x6i8/if_this_is_going_to_be_your_first_wipe_read_here/

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