If your bad, try better gear.

I’m sure some people will take this and considerate obvious, while other people will say you’re not actually a better player you’re just tanking.

The TLDR: It’s worth wearing the better stuff, even if you die just as much.

However, even though it seems like an obvious thing, a lot of times I know people don’t use the best gear if they’re not the best player. I have plenty of money and I really never buy weapons, attachments and meds. I always use what I find. I never Put a lot of money into my kit because I feel like if it comes down to it I’m probably gonna die anyway.

Now that I’m actually running decent gear, it’s a completely different game. I’m not just talking about situations where I’m taking 40 bullets to the chest because I’m wearing the best armor I mean legitimately I’m actually doing better. Not just surviving because I have tougher stuff on, I’m still dying sometimes but my fights are better.
You would think it would be common sense to use better gear, but if you were more average player like me you never want to waste the money because you feel like it won’t make that big of a difference and sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes you’re still going to get one tapped but I would highly recommend trying it. I have played since February of last year, half a wipe plus the entire last one and this one. Up until about three weeks ago I had never ran a Mp7, M4 or Hk. I literally just never used them because I was fine running other stuff, and I never went crazy with what armor I wore.
So if you’re struggling, and you don’t have a specific reason for it like you don’t know the game yet or something like that, if you’re like me and you have the map knowledge and pretty good game sense but you’re just not there definitely try some better gear for a few raids.
I know which other people out there like me because I talk to them, common sense tells you if you use better gear you will be better but the few times you tried you still got shit on.
Just stick with it a little longer, it’s not going to instantly make you better but using better gear translates to surviving longer in fights, So even if you die it doesn’t matter. I used to have the mentality of if I’m gonna die in four shots with a 150k armor on then why not wear something cheap, even if I die in two shots why spend the extra money. Because those extra two shots means you will be in the fight for that much longer, which means rather than healing and being really fucked up because you have three heavy bleeds, you’ll actually be able to gain experience and learn from the situation.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/m5255y/if_your_bad_try_better_gear/

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