I’m a little bored

So I'm doing pistol runs with the purpose of making friends.. I'm playing interchange and whenever I see a dude I point my gun up in the air and start talking ruski.. so far only one player adopted me, he was scav and after we had killed about 10 raiders he put a bullet in my head..

I don't need money at all, so I don't care about lost stuff or loot, but honestly what is the point of breaking the established trust once you are clear? I'm doing this for fun, no intention of betrayal and that guy was full on loot, as was I. Why is it so hard to trust people, this is the reason I kill hatchlings on sight..

All I want is to roam around with some random ass guy, kill raiders and get out together..

Out of now 6 raids 5 killed me instantly even after using a mag in thin air and no bullets fired from me and only 1 adopted me, just to break the trust with a full backpack…. Sad

Anyway, I will continue to "make friends" for the rest of the day. So if you see a guy with a pistol saying ruski stuff it might be me trying to team up with a random šŸ˜‚

(Amsterdam server)

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