I’m a new player in Dota 2, just wanna some info

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Literally just launched Dota 2 for the first time, after about 3 year break of LoL, I wanna play MOBA again.

So before I dive into this I want the basic info from experienced players that new player like me should know.

In LoL my favourite role was solo top and support. I loved playing as tank, just going under turrets and not giving a fk, tankin' against 2 or more enemies etc. So (if it's currently tank meta in Dota 2) what are the best tanks to play atm?

If I'm not mistaken champions in Dota 2 are free, so I can try any I want from start. What are the best to start off (again – preferebly tanks or bruisers).

Where is the the best place to look for builds? Maybe there's some popular site where builds are constantly updated?

I appreciate any info you can give me about Dota, thx.

P.S. Just don't comment anything about community, I know it's probably super toxic in-game (just like in LoL). I don't mind it, just mute all if needed.

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