I’m a SEA player and I tried playing in the US West Server

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Due to my current circumstance, I am now forced to play in the US West Server opposed to the server I usually play in, SEA. And after playing about 10 games I was baffled by the clear difference between these 2 servers and so I want to discuss/compare them.

DISCLAIMER: All of this is purely based from my personal experience/opinion. In no way is this an unbiased research which people can refer to. I did not consider various factors or avoided them. This thread is for pure entertainment, discussion and for my boredom. We good? Okay.

Skill Level

It's hard to properly assess Skill Level since I didn't actually committed to doing research to avoid various factors and I'm not the best person to talk about Skill Level considering I'm a 2k Scrub. So I'll skip this. At least Pos5 didn't leave Safelane to jungle and get Midas so far so… maybe it's better???? Or I'm just lucky to haven't run into these people yet.


Every single game I've played so far there's at least 2 people who use mics AND NOT FOR FLAMING. And even if they're not using Mic people communicate WAY MORE OFTEN than in SEA. For example in lane even the smallest thing such as "I'm pulling, care", "I'm stacking", "I'm gonna go gank, can you solo?", "Do you wanna solo?", "Let's get xxx". People even ask each other for thoughts/suggestions mid game like "Hey, I keep getting jumped by Ursa. What do you think I should get?", like they're not even ashamed to ask. Or in lane people seems to read off each other better. It feels like the enemy Pos1 and Pos5 are one symbiotic unit and it's so much harder to destroy them in lane as a Pos3. I encountered like 3 games out of 10 where people are doing a double deny in lane, like this is just 2K Crusader what is this?


I mean there will always be flaming, I'm even gonna admit I do get really angry sometimes and do it. But so far no one seems to be denying their items, afk fountain and running down mid yet when they die one time in the lane and start mic spamming "BoBo, putang ina mo, blyat, go blok" like a pre recorded message put on loop. If anything people here are so much better because they don't immediately give up when a fight breaks out and we got team wiped and lose Mid. People instead start saying stuff like "It's okay, we win them late game,", like tf where I'm I? I'm used to people just denying their items and saying "let them end".

I don't know about you guys, but it just feels a lot more fun and less intense to play in US West than in SEA because so far I haven't ran into someone who's a ticking bomb that will immediately grief the game if the slightest thing goes wrong. People communicate more and we laugh at our f*** ups. And even if there was a big mistake we collectively agreed that "Hey, don't do that it's bad and it;'s not doing anything good for us. Let's stop doing it and come do this now".

Or I haven't played long enough yet idk, but feel free to discuss

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