I’m at my wits end.

I love this game. I want this game to be fun. I want to enjoy this game.

I'm saying all that because , I simply cant play it without losing everything i have in a few raid. Most nights start with me doing a scav run, making some money, buying some gear and going out to do pmc runs. The problems start whenever i try to do pvp. Im gonna say that I'm not exactly shroud or anything but id like to think that im above average in most fps games. I have right around 300 hours in this game now but for about the last 3 months almost all my pvp encounters have ended with me being 1 taps in the face before i can even get a shot off. Doesnt matter if i get the drop on them, doesnt matter if i push first, doesnt matter if i hold a corner, hell, it doesnt matter if i wear armour or helmets or face shields. The result is the death screen and the (head, eyes) prefix. Honestly dont remember the last time a pmc killed me from chest or limb dmg, its literally always the same.

Literally any help would be greatly appreciated, like I said, I want this game to be fun but right now I just cant enjoy something I cant play.

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