I’m disappointed that FDEV still isn’t considering an increase in Module Storage

" With Odyssey and with it new gear incoming in mind: Are there plans to increase the storage limit for modules?

No plans for this at the moment."

I absolutely hate the limited module storage right now. Once you fill it up and start using ships to store stuff on, it becomes such a bear to sit through docking and weapon animations to piecemeal a ship together from parts stored on other ships. I just want to be able to keep everything in storage and outfit from that large pool of modules instead of a dozen smaller pools of modules stored on ships.

Before the inevitable "well maybe you just have too much stuff?", I have all the PowerPlay modules including various sizes of Prismatics which are not a quick thing to obtain, along with a whole armory of fully grade 5 weapons I'm not selling and should not have to sell because of the lack of room. On top of that, I have a couple sets of engineered turrets because at one point I thought multicrew was going to be a big thing and it turned out not to be.

This is going to be real shitty if the new content uses the same storage system.

Its also a shame I can't use my Fleet Carrier for more storage either, like that should have been a bonus for FC Owners, an extra 120 slots just on the FC, make it a module that costs more upkeep.

I feel like an increase to 250 would be fair and 500 would be wonderful.

My Deluxe Odyssey Pre Order can go towards an increase in the database size.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/keffam/im_disappointed_that_fdev_still_isnt_considering/

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