I’m extremely sad

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

I have been in love with this game since the Witcher 3, I have played it every single expansion. I have poured hours and hours into this game and it's just not what it used to be. Most old cards are dead, at higher ranks, everyone is literally just copy/pasting net decks. I rarely face anything new or different or original. Off archetypes aren't supported and never will be. The developers just don't know how to balance this game, they have zero clue how it works and at this point, it just feels like they are grasping to get people to play by releasing more new, unbalanced cards that ruin this game. So many players have quit Gwent and I am also on the verge. I have played against the SAME decks over and over, people with literally 0 originality and who do nothing but taunt you. Thank god they made a setting that mutes people, that's probably the best feature ever put into this game. I have tried my best to keep giving this game a chance, but there's no originality, no support for old cards, a handful of people who actually care about the health of this game. It's just sad. I wish people cared more about the game than winning with some deck they found online that's top tier. I respect all the people who quit, I'm confused why I have even been so forgiving with this game for so long, and so hopeful when nothing has changed.

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