I’m glad they’re working on banning cheaters but man…

It is beyond demotivating dying to a fucking hacker.. I haven't run in to many, maybe two or three but when its blatantly obvious it's so annoying.

I'm on interchange completely alone and away from any people on the second floor. All of a sudden I hear sprinting up the escalators so I wait at a spot for the person to get near. Keep in mind, I have barely moved or shot in the past 2 minutes. I'm well aware of everything that can make noise so I wasn't even ADSing or looking around.

As I'm waiting at the corner the guy who sprints up randomly decides to toss a grenade at that exact spot in the middle of fucking nowhere on the second floor? I wasn't anywhere near a hot-spot nor was I making any noise for him to assume I'm at this fucking random spot.

So I throw some shots his way and throw two nades and sprint for a straight 40 seconds to a new spot behind some doors. What happens next? He sprints to that exact location, and starts emptying mags into the door exactly where I am again and im forced to shoot back, and as soon as I peak, head eyes.

Fuck this shit man.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/l6hps4/im_glad_theyre_working_on_banning_cheaters_but_man/

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