I’m gonna say it. Old Escape from Tarkov was better we don’t have freedom anymore.

The game is just to restricting now I originally bought Tarkov because of the freedom I had playing it what do I mean?

  • Quests

Quests are fun to do at first but after you have done them 4 times it gets old. You aren't getting kappa anymore unless you play 12 hours a day what am I working towards anymore? I just want to build guns kill bosses and pmcs and play with my friends. Questing should be more optional in my opinion but, not in the final release of the game just for now I'm sick of doing them just to do them again in about 7 months.

  • Loot

Not to long ago you could open a marked room and find some pretty good stuff making it actually exciting to open and a hot spot. Even had a chance to find a S I C C Case, Weapon Case and other cases until that was removed. Killed a pmc that looted marked? wonder if he has a Weapon Case on him? added to the excitement of killing players now everything of value you can shove up your ass.

Loot now just feels so stale and empty seems like every raid I go to all I find is some bleach and toilet paper. In shoreline the resort I feel like the rooms have already been looted even though I unlocked the door. Last wipe I would find a ledx or a gpu about every 3-5 raids assuming I looted it all to myself, but now im lucky to find a Tetris in 10 raids.

  • Hideout

All I'm going to say is it shouldn't take 8 hours to craft 200 rounds of ammo that you blow through in 1-3 raids

  • The Flee Market

You want to try out a pair of t-7's for a raid or buy a red key card and other expensive keys well you are stuck with them forever now unless you want to vender your red card for 2m.

Kill a geared pmc that has gear you do not enjoy using? You can sell the gear for a decent price but the ammo is like 10% of what you actually pay for it to venders. I enjoyed selling everything on the flee and then buying a kit I actually wanted to use.

Not level 20? Well get to doing the same quests you have already done 4 wipes in a row (this is a bigger problem if you started mid or late wipe everyone has way better stuff than you and its not fun I just want to mod a weapon). You might have 5m roubles but the most expensive kit you have access to is 200k roubles with level 3 armor.

If I wanted to run the flee market and try to get rich I could. I remember my first wipe I loved just watching prices of items and getting good deals later selling them for a profit. I could make a smart investment early into the wipe and sell items later into the wipe for a huge profit if I chose to.

I could build gunsmith guns and sell them on the flee for profit. It was fun just being a vender hearing the offer has sold sound and looking at the roubles waiting to be collected from ragman it was satisfying.

  • PVP

Killed a entire squad by yourself in the good old days? Drain their mags stack their bags and strip their guns and sell it on flee for a huge reward. Now you are better off just not touching the ammo considering its worthless to venders throw 2 guns in your bag 1 on your back and just extract to cover the cost of ammo you spent killing them all.

Go in with a pair t-7's a T H I C C items case and wipe the server super high risk super fun makes the game feel exciting. You are risking so much while you can still go in with a pair of t-7s it's never going to be profitable because you cannot carry as much anymore. (Not to mention you cant see items with t-7s on so you have to flick them off 24/7 just to loot a room)

Kill a heavy geared pmc? I miss having the chance of searching their bag to find a T H I C C case or some kind of case they was filling up. The chances of running into someone doing that was low but at least it was possible to happen now when you loot someone its always the same. No chance of hitting the jackpot.

  • Barter Trades

For whatever reason barter trades get removed if they are actually useful a example is the old one for the FN Five-seven . It was actually worth it to do the trade but they changed it for a MGT when you could just sell the MGT to therapist and buy a FN Five-seven for cheaper using only venders. It was actually game knowledge to know if a barter trade was valuable or not. why make them on par or worse than just selling the items and buying the stuff from venders?

  • Buy limits (never has been good but wasn't as painful when flee market didn't require found in raid)

The ones for high end ammo are fine to make the ammo more valuable, but why am I limited to ~3 8 round shotgun magazines and other similar things that's ridiculous. Let people do the quest they want to do even if they have died several times before the vender restocks.

I just thought Tarkov was gonna be a more of a play how you wanna game but I was wrong to bad there is no clear direction this games going so I had no real way of knowing before I spent $185.

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